Process Automation with BPM – Introductory Example

What exactly does it mean to execute a BPMN process? What else other than a process model is required for a useful process? I have created a little example for newcomers. It is explained in two videos. The project file can also be downloaded and executed in the community edition of the platform “Bonita”.

In the first video, the BPMN model is deployed to a process engine and executed. The video also shows how other required contents are specified: organization, data, user forms, decision rules and the integration of external systems.

The process model defines how the process is carried out. Every time the process started, a new instance is created. A process instance contains the data of the respective case, as well as the current execution state. An example of creating several instances is shown in the second video.


Prerequisite: Bonita version 2021.2beta and above.


  • Import bos file in Bonita into a new project.
  • In „Organization“: Deploy „BPMCO.organization“ (default user: andrea).
  • Deploy Business Data Model.
  • Select the task „Send proposal“, in the lower window, in tab „Execution“ select „Connectors in“ and double-click the Connector „Send proposal“. Press „Next“. This brings you to the Connection Information. Here you can enter the access data of an e-mail server. Do the same for the task „Send refusal“. Be careful: The unencrypted passwort will be stored in the Bonita project. In case you want to distribute the project to someone else, you should remove the password entry.
    The process can also be executed without the access data to an e-mail-server, it just won’t send an e-mail at the end.
  • In „Diagrams“: Deploy „Create Proposal-1.0“ (or press „Run“ to deploy the diagram and directly start the execution in one step).
  • With „Applications“ you can open the portal (oder by entering „http://localhost:8080/bonita“ into a browser). Select „Bonita User Application“.
  • The „Sales Admin“ tasks can be executed by the users anna or andrea, the „Technical Sales Engineer“ tasks can be carried out by tom. The default password of all these users is „bpm“.