BPMN Gateways in Action

It is hard to find a serious BPMN model without any splits in the control flow. Splits are modeled with gateways, represented by diamond symbols. The following video shows three variations of a little example process. First, we use an exclusive gateway in this process, then a parallel gateway, and finally an inclusive gateway. The execution of each process variant shows the different behaviours of the three gateway types.

If you want to try out these examples for yourself, you can download and execute them, using the community edition of the „Bonita“ platform.


Prerequisite: Bonita version 2021.2 and above.


  • Import bos file in Bonita into a new project.
  • In „Organization“: Deploy „BPMCO.organization“ (default user: phil).
  • Deploy Business Data Model.
  • In „Diagrams“: Deploy the three diagrams (or press „Run“ to deploy a diagram and directly start the execution in one step).
  • With „Applications“ you can open the portal. Select „Bonita User Application“.
  • The „Product Manager“ tasks can be executed by user phil. User stephanie is a software developer, harry and henry are hardware developers. The default password of all these users is „bpm“.